Forward Exchanges

The Not-So-Remote Future of Work

Episode Summary

Gabriel Grisham and Pedro Monteiro de Barros discuss the future of remote work and what impact it will have on the future of global payroll.

Episode Notes

Welcome to another episode of Forward Exchanges by Nium. Today, Siobhan O’Neill-Schwenk is joined by both Gabriel Grisham, Head of Business Development at Nium and Pedro Monteiro de Barros, VP of Finance at The pair react to some new data about who “gig economy” workers really are, explain why how remote workers are paid is a bigger test of employee loyalty than ever, and make some predictions about what the new “work from everywhere” will mean for the future of global payroll and the enterprise.

What unforeseen challenges arise from unpredictable payment schedules? How can payroll serve as an entry to Fintech? How has the global workforce mindset been affected by the pandemic? Answers to all this and more on today’s episode of Forward Exchanges, the show that talks to trailblazers and veteran players to investigate the real driving forces that are modernizing money movement, and what’s building - or blocking - its momentum around the world.

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