Forward Exchanges

Sports Leagues Play to Win With Digital Innovation

Episode Summary

Samarth Bansal, Unmish Parthasarathi and Finn Bradshaw talk with Siobhan about global professional sports leagues and digital innovation.

Episode Notes

Trying to stay on top of the fast-emerging changes in global payments can be a challenging affair, but “Forward Exchanges” from Nium can help. Join Siobhan O'Neill-Schwenk as she speaks with the trailblazers and veteran players in the industry about their investigation into the driving forces that are modernizing money movement globally. Whether you’re new to global payments, a digital transformation veteran, or just want to hear some great advice on what strategies create momentum in the global digital payments revolution, then this is the podcast for you. 

On this episode, Siobhan is speaking with some exciting guests - Samarth Bansal, Global APM Head at NIUM, Unmish Parthasarathi, Founder & Executive Director, Picture Board Partners, and Finn Bradshaw, Head of Digital at the International Cricket Council. Together the trio are here to talk about how global professional sports leagues are making a successful play for - and winning at - digital innovation. Not to mention they touch on how the media licensing and sponsorships of old are evolving into collectible NFTs, memberships, personalized experiences, and even ownership rights. All that and more on this episode of Forward Exchanges.

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